Long-distance isn’t just a struggle for couples.

I prefer to have a couple close friends rather than tons of not-so-close friends, but it unfortunately leaves me a little lonely when those friends are far away.

Take my best friend for example. We were basically inseparable from September of 2014 to December of 2016.

We both had our own stuff to figure out but were always there for each other.

That’s her up there — ain’t she cute?

She’s moved around a lot, so our friendship has been long-distance for about three years. There are plenty nights where I’d love to drink a bottle of wine and watch a movie with her like we used to, but distance makes it hard.

But when I am able to see her, it’s like we haven’t missed a beat.

That’s something I love about having a few close friends — they are my absolute BEST friends.

If growing up has taught me anything (besides how expensive living is) it’s people I grew up with won’t always be in my life, and that’s okay. People grow up, grow apart, and college tends to accelerate the growth.

I see it as a sign of maturity — we appreciate old friends and accept growth.

Thanks for reading.




Not all dogs are good boys — some are good girls.

If you know me, you know how much I adore my dog. She hasn’t even been in my life for two months, but I have no idea what I would do without her.

Have you ever seen those bumper stickers in the shape of a paw that say, “Who rescued who?” well yeah, I ask myself that all the time now.

I saw on Capital Area Humane Society’s website that her whole litter was free because they were exposed to ringworm and weren’t getting adopted quick enough (heartbreaking, right?). I woke up the next morning, texted my roommate I was getting a puppy, went to the humane society as soon as they opened, and came out with Melli Rose about an hour later.

I’ve made a few impulse decisions in my life (and by a few, I mean a sh*t ton) but she is the best one by far.


I look forward to going home and seeing her excitement — her butt wiggles uncontrollably which is adorable.

I love that she never knows when I’m coming home… it could be in five minutes or five hours but either way, it’s a huge surprise for her and puts a smile on my face seeing her go nuts.

Being a dog mom is the most rewarding experience I’ve had so far — she’s my favorite nap buddy, she’s super cuddly, and loves to do whatever I’m doing (or at least likes to try).

Knowing she will be with me when I graduate college, get engaged, get married, and maybe even by the time I have my first child makes me ambitious for the future.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a dog but aren’t sure if you want the responsibility… just do it — you will lose some freedom, but you’ll gain a lot of love and happiness.



Working while going to school… it’s not rocket science.

First things first: if you don’t have to work in college because your parents pay for everything or you have a bangin’ scholarship covering all expenses… you better be grateful and understand how lucky you are. 

Working in college isn’t as bad as people say it is, but I’d definitely rather be closing down bars with my friends than closing down the restaurant on a Saturday night.

I may not be much of a partier — I went through that phase right after high school — but it would be nice to tailgate, celebrate a win for MSU, or go to a house party every now and then. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the opportunity to work and support myself, but you can’t blame a girl for complaining about missing out on the “college experience” 

If there’s no events happening, bad weather, or friends are out of town, Lansing gets boring quickly. Working gives me the chance to get out of the house and not feel like a lazy piece of sh*t all the time — plus I make money, which is a nice reward.

I’ve made some pretty good relationships with the people I work with — some of them I’d even consider close friends. A lot of us are paying our way through school, paying our own rent, buying our own groceries, etc., and it’s nice to have people who understand the struggle.

What I’m trying to get at here is if you don’t think you could work while going to school, you are 10358309430% wrong. I know a girl who works two jobs, in several different clubs, and takes 15 credits a semester. If you’re motivated and willing to make your own money, then the rest is easy.



Start making your mental health a priority

You know when you wake up and you can’t get out of bed no matter how many times you tell yourself you need to? Yeah, that’s your body and mind telling you to TAKE A BREAK.

Although you may not have the luxury of being able to take a day off work or school, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something relaxing for a night or on the weekend. These are known as mental health days, and you should take them more often.


They may involve much-needed movie watching, sleeping, long baths, yoga, coloring, or anything you feel like doing or not doing. But whatever you do — do NOT do anything school or work related, that would defeat the purpose.

I took a mental health day a few months ago — no class, no work, slept until 3 pm and watched movies the rest of the night — it felt amazing.

Sure, I regretted not going to class or work, but I woke up ready to conquer anything and everything the next morning.

Although I don’t know of any schools or businesses that factor in mental health days into the attendance policy, try taking a night to yourself once in a while. A break is essential if you want to keep your sanity and your creativity flowing.

I hope you take my words into consideration and treat yourself when you need to. Thanks for reading 🙂



Hey there, it’s me, Kay.

I have quite a bit of free time on my hands and I love writing… so why not start blogging?

A few things about me:

I recently rescued a puppy from the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan. Her name is Melli Rose (pictured below), she’s a Labrador and American Staffordshire Terrier mix who loves to sleep and chew on anything she can find — I’ll be writing about her in the future.

I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Advertising Management with a minor in Public Relations within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. However, I prefer the creative side of advertising, but I wouldn’t graduate on time if I changed majors.

I am from Petoskey, Michigan, a small town about 45 minutes southwest of the Mackinaw Bridge. Moving from Northern Michigan to East Lansing was a huge culture shock — there is diversity I wouldn’t have been exposed to living in Petoskey, an array of media/marketing/PR agencies, Spartans (I was raised a Wolverine… not the easiest choice for me), and no nearby great lake…

I grew up within walking distance of Lake Michigan; I had no idea how lucky I was until I moved away. Being away from home for almost two years now has taught me how lucky I am to have grown up where I did. My family may not have the biggest house, the nicest car, or the highest paying job(s), but we have a view that most people only dream of.

Living in East Lansing has only made me more grateful for my upbringing. A lot of my future blogs will talk about this, along with whatever comes to my mind when I sit down to write.

I am no expert in relationships, college, writing, or anything for that matter. However, I enjoy helping others to the best of my ability. Feel free to DM me on twitter or instagram with ideas for future blogs… or simply comment below.


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